A Long Voyage Home

A Long Voyage Home


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A Long Voyage Home is a 38-page booklet of which renowned author Morgan Llywelyn noted, This is a terrific book.  Mike McCormack has succinctly outlined a painful history without either sensationalising or sentimentalizing it, putting the Irish diaspora into context.  Is is divided into two parts – the first part contains stories that describe the causes and results of colonial unrest in Ireland highlighting The Root causes, The Penal Laws, the Rising of 1798, The Great Hunger, Escape and Exile, The Search for a Home, The Jeanie Johnston Project, Behind the Golden Door, and The End of the Voyage.  The second part includes biographies of some who fled the oppression and became proud contributors to the American dream like Patrick Gilmore, Nellie Cashman, John Holland, Thomas Francis Meagher, Col. Patrick Kelly, Pvt Willie Mitchel, Gen. John O’Neill and Tom Walsh.


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