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The Coming of the Celts

Coming of the Celts


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The Coming of the Celts. Many attempts have been made to present the history of Ireland, yet most concentrate on the period between the introduction of Christianity and the present, ignoring a detailed discussion of the pre-Christian era. Some who did write on ancient Ireland presented little more than a condensation of legends and folk tales in an attempt to shed some light – no matter how dubious – on the subject. This is not to say that the legends are without substance for many are based on historical fact, but they have been so colored by successive generations of storytellers that, until recently, it has been difficult to boil away the myths and examine the sediment of truth. However, the recent efforts of archeologists and scholars have produced finds which are building a bridge between the truth and the legends. They also render many of the books and videos previously printed as no longer accurate in their conclusions. The Coming of the Celts was published in 2014 using the latest archeological and historic research to finally introduce the remarkable people who settled the island that was known to the ancients as Inis Ealga (the Noble Island).


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